Practical Parenting: Q is for

Q-is-for-QuittingBeing able to share quotes from books is one of the most wonderful things, to draw inspirational from books you have read or rhymes you have learned! Young children love to hear rhyming stories and repetitive verses. All the while we are expanding their vocabulary and their memory and building their love of language. In nursery school we are familiar with the process of learning nursery rhymes but as adults we can benefit from learning pieces of meaningful prose, keeping our brains active!

beauty,growup,quotes-81423652d73e07689d5ade4756e4ba28_hIn this technological age, we still need to know who the author is if we want to look up a quote – so exercising our memory muscles is a good thing to do from the start.

Create a family challenge, turn it into a game to share a quote a week and what it means to you, this could be a great foundation to public speaking and debate at school which in turn prepares one for leadership roles in life.

Quitting is the opposite of  persevering – we need to teach our children through example to persevere in life. We can do this by encouraging them to reach their potential – whether it is our baby who is learning how to walk and we encourage them to get up again every time they fall down, or our daughter who is disappointed to have not won a prize at school. If they know we, their parents, are at their side, cheering them on, no matter what the outcome, they will grow strong, and courageous and will not quit!


About parentcoachsa

Steph has over 30 year's experience working with families to design child care solutions and supporting parents to be the best parents they can be. In addition she has worked with corporates to find work-life balance solutions for their staff. As a practitioner I have become increasingly aware that work-life balance has become a critical issue, particularly in an age in which the demands of work are often at odds with home and family life. I am passionate about family life, it is the catalyst for every other relationship we have - in every other area of life, we expect to study, get a qualification, try something on appro , we want to feel in control - however it is the one area of life, that none of the above applies - Babies do not arrive with a parenting manual! It is my privilege as a Parent and Life Coach, to partner with you as you take hold of the challenges you are facing in your family, in your life and work with you , supporting you to achieve the decisions and outcomes you are choosing for your family and for your life. It is my job, to keep you on track, to cheer you on, when the "going gets tough". Through coaching, understanding of yourself and your child, and his or her phase of development will enable you to consciously develop a parenting style that will benefit you and your family.
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