About Work & Family Matters

Work & Family Matters grew out of Stephanie Dawson-Cosser’s successful agency Choice Child Care. Her continuous learning and professional experience have enabled her to offer a much wider range of services to individuals, couples, families and businesses.

On a one-to-one basis, Stephanie sees individuals (and couples) who wish to work on their personal, relationship and/or parenting skills or come to terms with changes in circumstances.

Her group coaching experience is in working with businesses, schools and community leaders from diverse backgrounds in processes to create collaborative, engaged teams.

In addition, Work & Family Matters offers companies an A to Z assessment of the happiness and well-being of employees through surveys, focus groups and facilitated workshops. From these findings, solutions will emerge to meet the needs of the workforce. 

Work & Family Matters offers:

Life coaching;
Parenting coaching;
Integrative Enneagram coaching;
Pre- and post-divorce coaching and mediation;
Leadership coaching; and
Team-building workshop facilitation. 

Leadership training, team building, workshops, coaching and mentoring can all be offered in-house by Work & Family Matters which works with a network of other specialists, where necessary.

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