One-on One Coaching Clients

The coaching experience enabled me to step out of my comfort zone by being gently led to a different path way of thinking. A definite shift from a negative outlook to a more optimistic outlook has been achieved in this coaching experience. I have not only grown in my profession but I have also grown as a woman. I feel it is very easy to procrastinate in life, but what I have learned during my coaching experience has given me reason not to and to keep moving forward as a woman and as a Social worker.

Social Worker 

When I started my coaching sessions with Stephanie in the middle of April 2016 my expectations were to see myself more clearly, learn and grow, receive guidance and obtain tools to help me be successful inside and outside the business environment. I wanted to maximise my true potential and keep on sharpening my skills.
Stephanie was instrumental in helping me reach a higher level of self-awareness and discovery.  She helped me to create a safe space when confronted with difficult people and empowered me with the right tools to handle those situations with grace and dignity. I have gained new insights and understanding into the obstacles I face as well as my strengths and weaknesses.  I can already feel that my stress levels are lower and that I have a more balanced life. I am definitely on the right path.  
e-learning Consultant and Project Manager.

Community Building Workshop participants

For me, it’s a start to working through my crossroads and more important for accepting that “I must be the change I want to see”

Steph is easy to work with, she understands the material well and has vast experience on how to bring people together.

Rose Msiza –  Principal Realogile High School

It was an amazing workshop, 6 Conversations in Community is so clear and wonderful.

Stephanie is a wonderful facilitator; she has a real gift of storytelling and engaging the group. It was a real highlight. The training fed me. Thank you !!

Nicky Bush – Partners For Possibility


Excellent ideas, well communicated. I truly enjoyed the sharing that happened with other participants.  I was left feeling that with people like this out there, South Africa will succeed.

Steph strikes a great balance between leading and standing  back to let participants contribute.

Adrienne Vermeulen


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