familysilhouetteDIVORCE MEDIATION

In her 30 years of working with couples and families, Steph has experienced the complexities of  divorce and has constantly sought ways to help families through this difficult transition. Her divorce mediation training and many hours of service has ensured she has the adequate tools to assist parents and their children.


Mediation assists both parents to formalise the ending of their relationship as a couple and create the ongoing relationship of co-parenting their children.

Mediation provides workable solutions for everyone – keeping the needs of the children as the priority. We do this by encouraging co-operation, which reduces hostility, to jointly create a Parenting Plan which includes:
Parental undertaking – responsibilities; and
Separation of assets.

All of this is documented as the Memorandum of Understanding which is written into the Divorce Agreement.

Mediation is the most cost-effective way to expedite the divorce proceedings and creates a respectful way to end the marriage.


Just as married parents have to adjust their parenting styles and routines to meet the developing needs of their children, so too do divorced parents.

As discussed in divorce mediation, all decisions need to be made “in the best interests of the child” and therefore, primary residence, contact time with the non-primary resident parent and maintenance need to be revisited from time to time along with discipline, the children’s routines and other issues.

It can be helpful to return to mediation to facilitate the discussion as issues arise so as to maintain harmony.

Each parent has an obligation and a legal responsibility to care for their children through the process of separation, divorce and remarriage. While each parent wants to move on from the relationship, they need to continue to work together as co-parents for their children.

Mediation is a tool which can continue to assist parents being the best parents they can be.