Practical Parenting Workshops

The Practical Parenting workshop series is a six week interactive program facilitated by Stephanie Dawson-Cosser of Work & Family Matters.

Each week covers a new topic that will give you practical advise from Stephanie’s vast years of experience and expertise. Topics covered include:

Parenting styles

Sleepless nights to sweet dreams
Teaching parents to train their children how to sleep through the night – at any age.

Toddlers do not have to be “terrible”
Finding new ways to deal with unacceptable behaviour, boundary setting and communication skills.

Siblings rivalry across the ages
Jealousy, fighting, arguing between siblings is not unusual. How we as parents handle these interactions prepares our children for life! We look at causes and age appropriate processes to facilitate harmonious family relations.

Eating right – from the start
How to instill healthy eating habits and good table manners.

Romance and Parenting?
How to keep your relationship on track.

For further information and to book contact Stephanie at or on 082 888 1584

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