Practical Parenting Workshop

Babies do not arrive with a training manual but they train us anyway!

Join us for 6 themed sessions across the physical, intellectual, emotional and social developmental areas – arrive with your questions and leave with practical solutions for children aged: 0-3 years, 4-6 years, primary school years, the adolescent years as well as parenting with the adult years in mind.

Practical Relating Workshop

Understanding how we relate is key to having fulfilling, nurturing, intimate relationships.

Join a 6 week practical discussion on building healthy relationships with those we love. Focusing on communication skills, personality types and valuing our differences. Based on the work of Nancy Kline – Thinking Environment, Imago therapy, and the 5 love languages.

Finding your Life Purpose Workshop

Many of us get up every day knowing what we do not want – but how do we find out what we DO want? Join our next “Finding your life purpose “ 6 week workshop – to start your journey towards your purposeful life.

Do you keep repeating a behavior which is not helpful to you anymore? Do you find yourself feeling “used” by your boss, your spouse or a friend and not knowing why this keeps happening? Using the enneagram to understand our personality type, we can discover how to give up behaviours that are not helpful and learn new ones which will support us be more of our true selves each day. The enneagram enables us to develop self-knowledge and self-awareness – the key to personal transformation.

See the Upcoming Events for the next workshops dates.

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